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Your booking contract is with Tour International Ltd. The tours featured on our website are operated by Tour International, Registered office address, Crown House, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom. Registered in England/Wales, Registered Number 14897858.

When making a booking with our company a non-refundable deposit of £35 or €45 or $50 per person for bookings within the UK is required, if your booking is for outside of the UK a non – refundable £45, €55 or $75 per person will be required. On occasions when your tour itinerary involves multiple elements with third parties you may be requested to make a non – refundable deposit different to those listed, when this is required, you will be notified at the time a quotation is given to you for the tour.

Your booking confirms your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for and on behalf of all the members of your party and the person who makes the booking accepts responsibility for payment for all the persons in the group and is responsible for keeping all party members informed as to booking details.

On receipt of your deposit, we will issue a confirmation invoice and a contract will then exist between us. Payment of a deposit to Tour International commits you to our Tours current Terms and Conditions. The balance of your booking as per the agreed price must be paid no later than six weeks prior to the departure date. Bookings made within six weeks of departure must be paid in full at the time of booking.

If you do not pay the full cost within six weeks of the departure date, we reserve the right to treat your booking as a cancelled and as such cancellation charges per below will apply.

On receipt of the full balance from you, we will send you your itinerary and details of your tour schedule. If your tour involves fixtures for a team or an individual the fixtures will not be released until seven to ten days before your departure.

We reserve the right to notify you of any increase on the website or advertised price before accepting your booking. After the confirmation invoice has been issued the price of your holiday is subject to the possibility of surcharges in limited circumstances. A surcharge will only be levied for variations in transportation costs, including the cost of fuel, taxes or fees chargeable for services such the exchange rate applied to the particular package or if the UK or Overseas Government or Regulatory Body introduce or increase taxes.

Should the surcharge increase the total booking cost by 10% or more, you may cancel your booking within 14 days of the date of issue of the revised invoice and obtain a full refund of all payments made, except for any premium paid to us for holiday insurance and amendment charges. Should the above-mentioned price variations be downward then the price of your booking will be accordingly reduced and any refund due paid to you. Within 30 days of your departure date the price of your holiday will not be subject to any surcharges at all.

VARIATION & CANCELLATION BY YOU – We make every effort to assist you if you wish to alter your arrangements. Requests for an amendment must be made in writing via our website or by post. You may have to pay an amendment charge of either £50/€55/$60 per booking which may be charged whether or not we succeed in making your requested amendment. If the change to your booking results in the tour price being increased, you are responsible for paying the additional amount due and where you request that the number in your party be reduced, the remaining party members may have to pay additional charges such as room supplements, if applicable.

OUR REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY – All cancellations made by individual bookings must be advised to us in writing and all cancellations made by a group booking must be advised to us in writing and signed by the Group Leader. Email is preferable. Cancellations are effective on the day they are received by us. The following cancellation charges will be payable by you, depending upon the number of days prior to departure we receive your notice of cancellation.

Days prior to departure date – Percentage of cancellation charges. More than ten calendar weeks loss of deposit only. Ten calendar weeks or less – 100% of booking cost.

Please note: For tours cancelled more than ten calendar weeks prior to departure, a cancellation charge or charges equal to the deposit of the number of persons cancelling will apply, regardless of the actual amount paid.

IDENTITY MEASURES – At some events we operate you will be required to wear an identify card or wrist band. When making a booking with our company you agree when requested to as part of the tour to wear an identity card or wristband, if you refuse to wear an identity card or wristband you will not be able to participate in the event you have booked to attend, obtain access to the accommodation and surrounding boundaries of the accommodation or tour itinerary if it involves travel and entry to planed excursions tournaments, festivals or any other.

COVID19 PROVISION – If your team or any persons within the team cannot attend due to a situation relating to Corona virus (such as a local lockdown preventing the group travelling, or Covid19 illness within your party) then no monies will be refunded by us.

FLIGHTS – Tour International Ltd do not offer flights, no part of your booking with our company will include flight element.

VARIATION BY US – We are occasionally forced to make changes to your tour and reserve the right to do so. Most changes will be minor. A significant change is one which materially alters your tour and would include, for example, a change of pick-up point that is over 20 miles from the original, departure date or quality of accommodation. If a significant change is to be made, we will endeavour to inform you as soon as is reasonably practicable if there is time before your departure. In the event of a significant change occurring within four weeks of your departure date, we will, if possible, offer alternative arrangements.

A significant alteration made for any reason other than force majeure defined below, you will receive the following compensation calculated according to the number of days prior to departure you were notified of the change.

Days prior to Departure Date the Compensation Notification of Change was sent per person More than 42 days £0, 29-42 days prior £10, 15-28 days prior £13 0-14 days prior, £15. Where we offer alternative accommodation, we will endeavour to provide alternative accommodation in the same area as your original tour. If the standard of accommodation is lower than the accommodation originally booked, we will refund the difference in the tour price. If the standard of accommodation is higher, you must pay the difference.

We retain absolute discretion to re-arrange match fixtures, festival or tournament formats & sports venues. In the unlikely event that due to circumstances beyond our control your teams play teams of a different age group and standard, we are not responsible.

If after departure we are unable to provide a significant proportion of the services we have agreed to provide as part of your booking, we will do our very best to make suitable alternative arrangements. If we cannot do so, or you refuse to accept these for good reasons, we will arrange to end your booking and where your booking includes elements of ground transport back to the UK, we will do this to the point where our contract of services commenced as soon as we reasonably can.

It is important to note, Tour International Ltd will not guarantee the number of fixtures you play or the number teams you are scheduled to play games against as part of your booking, nor will you be entitled to a refund when teams do not turn up to play a fixture or withdraw from a fixture resulting in less games or no games.

FORCE MAJEURE – We do not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense arising from a change or cancellation to your booking which occurs as a result of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided with all due care. Such events would include, for example, war, threat of war, riot, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, technical problems with transport, pandemics, strikes and industrial action, fire or adverse weather conditions, [decisions of the sports Associations and or Governing Bodies overseas or in the UK] or other similar events beyond our control. We do not accept responsibility for you or your party if you contravene any law or regulation of any of the countries visited during your booking.

TICKETS, PASSPORTS AND VISAS – You will require a passport for all the European and international travel featured on our website or itineraries booked. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and all members of your party hold a valid passport and obtain the appropriate visa(s). We recommend that you apply for a passport and/or visa well in advance of the departure date. We do not accept responsibility for any loss caused by the failure of you or any member of your party to obtain a valid passport. It is important that you check the details on your confirmation invoice when you receive it. In the event of a discrepancy, you should contact us (or the third-party travel agent if one is being used).

HEALTH – Please refer to Government website for vaccination requirements for entry to European and international destinations and for health guidance in the UK.

PHOTOGRAPHS – By signing our booking form and your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, you are also agreeing that we may, if appropriate, use any photographs taken by us or our representatives of individual players or teams in any Tour International Ltd’ publicity or advertising documentation, our website and our brochure.

BOOKING PARTICIPATION – It is a condition of participation in one of our events or packages that you agree to accept the authority and decisions of our employees, tour leaders and representatives whilst on tour with us. If in our opinion, the enjoyment or safety of others on your tour is jeopardised by the conduct of you or any member of your group, that person may be required to leave the tour. In these circumstances, we will be entitled to recover compensation for any damage caused by the offending party and/or the person who signed the booking form. We accept no responsibility for making arrangements for the offending party to return home.

HEALTH AND SAFETY – You must ensure that at least one adult over the age of 18 occupies each accommodation when staying in holiday parks, holiday villages and campsites, along with sufficient adults attend the booking to supervise your group. We are not responsible for the conduct of other teams or individuals whom your group or individuals may play against.

COACH TRAVEL BOOKINGS – Transport is by standard or luxury coach. You are responsible for meeting the coach at the times specified in your itinerary. In the event that you are late, we are not responsible if the coach has departed. If your lateness results in your subsequent late arrival at match fixtures, we are not liable to you if the match does not proceed. In the interests of safety, it is the responsibility of you and all your party to ensure that hand luggage is stowed safely and the aisles are kept free from obstruction. Each member of the party may carry one large suitcase and one item of hand luggage per person. It is your responsibility to insure against the risk of loss or damage to all packages and personal effect.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR TOUR – We accept responsibility for ensuring that your tour is as described on our website or the itinerary provided (subject to any significant changes that you are advised of before departure) and the services offered reach a reasonable standard.

We do not accept responsibility where the failure to perform or improper performance was due to: (i) your own acts or omissions or the fault of any member of your party; (ii) acts of a third party not connected with the provision of your tour and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or (ii) an event which neither we or the supplier of the service(s) could have foreseen or avoided even with all due care.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE – In the event that you experience any problems with your booking you must advise our representative in resort so that we can attempt to resolve the problem at once. If the problem cannot be resolved in the resort, we will ask your group leader to complete a complaint form, and we will undertake a full investigation on your return from the resort and report back to you. Your failure to take either of these steps will affect our ability to investigate your complaint and may impact the way your complaint is dealt with. In the event of any dispute arising between us, the dispute will be governed by the laws of England & Wales under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English & Welsh courts. Complaints must be made in writing within 28 days of your return.

ATTENDANCE AT EVENTS AND TOURS – Tour International do not allow participation at our events or tours unless you have a confirmed booking with us for the event or tour you are attending; if your booking involves a team or group event players, supporters and all individuals who wishes to participate or attend an event, tour, festival and tournament or any other will have to pay the full tour price and appear on the accommodation or booking list or booked as an entry only. Family and friends must be booked with Tour International to attend events, tours, festivals, tournaments or any other within the company’s portfolio or relating to services we provide.

INSURANCE – It is a requirement of booking an international or European tour that you and all members of your party obtain adequate travel insurance. You must obtain travel insurance of adequate cover and this is the responsibility of the group leader and individuals making the bookings to ensure they take out adequate travel insurance prior to their travel date. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense arising from your failure to secure adequate insurance cover.

IMPORTANT – You are required to carry your personal travel insurance details and store them in a safe place and share the location where the travel insurance detail can be located with a third party if travelling on the trip with you whenever possible. In addition, a third party who is not travelling on the trip should also know the detail of your travel insurance. It is important that you retain your original travel insurance detailed documents and carry them with you when traveling as you will need to submit them in the event of a claim arising.

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