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No matter if it is a fun weekend away with exciting competition for players, coaches and their families to enjoy or if it is a high tempo training camp and challenge your team is looking for, you’re in the right place to find your perfect tour

We have some of the most exciting festivals and tournaments to offer and when you choose to join us at one of our exceptional events you can be sure we will put in place some exciting fixtures, an enthralling atmosphere and unique memories for players, club mates and families alike who join.

We love the excitement from the touchline as families and supporters cheer on their teams and we immerse in the all-important fun side and enjoyment of what a tour should offer as mums, dads and families enjoy an exciting and fun packed time away with their fellow club mates and families at wonderful locations with excellent facilities


If you are considering joining us at one of our events and you are looking at bringing the whole club, school or a full junior section or mini section with multiple teams it will be best to get in touch as early as possible as accommodation for many of our events is limited and sought after.

Schools ~ Clubs ~ Academies

No matter what organisation you’re from we want to me there to offer you an exciting competition or training camp of a high tempo nature or if it is a great weekend at the end of the season away with your club your teams and their families to have some great fun and a fabulous festival or tournament to enjoy.

We are waiting to hear from you and plan the perfect tour for you at one of our exciting events throughout the UK or across the world, we will make what you want happen.

Full Mini & Junior Sections

We love to see clubs and schools travel in big numbers to our events, which is why if you are thinking of coming with multiple age groups it can be often very tricky to find you the right accommodation for everyone to stay together in, which is why we ask you to let us know as soon as possible to enable us to locate suitable accommodation for you.

Theres no better way of enjoying a tour away at a great event than with lots of your fellow club mates and families, so let us make it happen together and should you want to plan a bespoke tour especially for your club, school or academy we will be there to plan this for you and ensure your time away is one to remember with wonderful memories for all.


Everyone knows that we love to see families come along and support their teams at our events but we also ensure that all our events have both boys and girls categories for teams to take part in..

We are proud or our efforts to be a diverse organisation supporting sports teams of all abilities be it male or female.

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Let’s Make Your Next Tour Planning Very Easy!


We can chat about suitable accommodation for your group, the best event for you to go to and most of all plan a great tour away for you and your teams.

We Can Plan A Tour Especially For You!

Bespoke tours are a great way to enhance the experience you are aiming to achieve. It could be a tournament, festival, training camp or whatever you like, simply tell us about your idea and we will have the expert advice from staff with over two decades working within the sports industry both with professional clubs and amateur clubs to help you find your dream tour.

Football Tournaments For All Age Groups

Teams from around the world will be joining us at the football tournaments we offer in some of the most glamorous and exciting countries for teams to travel to and enjoy the experience of high-level international football tournaments to take part in wonderful destinations such as,

International Training Camps

Schools and academies from countries around the world can look forward to some of the best coaching in exciting destinations, meeting leading coaches and talent spotters whilst staying in specially designed leisure resorts and adventure centres.
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